Sunday, October 14, 2007

Trekkie Girl: How I Found Trek

How I found Trek

Hello fellow fans! I've always been a big fan of sci-fi. If it has aliens and space adventures, you can count me in. I've been following Star Trek for a while now. The series has always meant a lot to me because I shared it with my dad. I started watching it when I was about 14 years old. I used to watch my dad's favorite shows with him. It was a nice way to spend time with him when I was a kid. Shows such as "V", "War of the Worlds", "Hill Street Blues" and "A-Team" were among my favorites, but when I was introduced to Star Trek: TNG, I was hooked for life. We would share a bottle of tonic water & lemon slices while we watched a new episode every week. It's such a fond memory to me. To this day we still quote Picard to each other. It may be a little nerdy, but we never cared.

Star Trek had so much to offer. The episodes had a little of everything in them. I remember watching in anticipation, hoping that Riker and Troi would just hurry up and get together. I admired Worf's courage and sense of honor and Data's awesome capabilities and constant desire to feel human. Picard will always be my favorite captain, by far. It was easy to grow fond of the TNG crew and even the villains. The Borg were quite scary and Q was so horrible but I couldn't help but like him.

I was pretty sad when the series ended. I knew any new ones just wouldn't be the same but I did enjoy DS9, Enterprise and everything I've seen so far of TOS. I still love to catch episodes on cable when I can and hearing thoughts about the show from other fans. I hope that ST stays around for a good long time. I, just like so many others, have been anxiously awaiting the new film! I'm torn between wanting to know every little detail that comes out about it and just going into the theater completely surprised and open minded. I've also been looking forward to Star Trek Online for the last couple years. The images I've seen look very promising. I used to dream of how cool it would be to fly around the galaxy exploring and having adventures. I can't wait to have a chance at it in STO!

So, that's how I got involved in this crazy Star Trek world.