Sunday, October 14, 2007

Star Trek Punk Band Breaks the Warp Threshold

Warp 11, a punk band based out of Sacramento, CA, began their musical career at small venues and Trek conventions. With a rough and tumble mix of eclectic rock and TOS miniskirts, they've won the hearts of many Star Trek fans, as well as the respect of critics.

Although some songs, such as "Suds Me Up, Sulu" and "Set Phasers for Fuck!" are less than family-friendly, the band's unique style, inovative lyrics, and unmatched worship of gogo boots command attention. If anything, the band reminds us just how sexy Trek can be.

Here's hoping that the 2008 reboot of TOS coincides with the band's successful launch into the mainstream.


"She make it so."

Live: "Red Alert/Everything I Do, I Do with William Shatner"

Live: "Jerk My Kirk"

Live: "Planet Fuck"

For more info, tour dates, and details on purchasing their albums, click here.

Warp 11 has released four albums to date.
It's Dead, Jim (2007)
Boldly Go Down On Me (2005)
Red Alert (2002)
Suck My Spock (2000)