Saturday, August 11, 2007

Remembering Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Now, for something completely different...

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force was one of the best Trek games of the last decade, especially in terms of multiplayer FPS action. It is telling that, while Bethesda's Star Trek: Legacy multiplayer community is now dead after 6 months of release, you can still find loyal EF players on servers, and the game is 7 years old!

We invite all Trekkies to join us for the nostalgic rebirth of this older game. Although the graphics show their age, the original Elite Force is still a wild romp, and it is well worth re-installing, if you have it on a shelf somewhere. Trekdom, with its emphasis on Trek history and nostalgia may soon host a server. For the meantime, we'll see you in "gladiator."

It's dirt cheap to buy. Or, if you'd like to download the multiplayer side of the game for free, it's now available at beer garden. We recommend re-installing or grabbing a used copy off Ebay.

So join us as we relaunch our LCARS Holomatch, set phasers to frag, and kick Tribble-ass. You'll have a great time.