Thursday, July 26, 2007

Star Trek XI Breaking News: Kirk and Spock Boldly Returning

At today's Comic Con, Star Trek XI producers and writers revealed exciting details about the next Trek film, simply titled Star Trek. Along with displaying a new teaser poster, sources confirmed that Zachary Quinto, known best for his role in Heroes, has been cast as a younger Mr. Spock. When asked how he would portray the iconic character, Quinto said he intended to honor Nimoy's original creation, while also bringing his own unique flair to the part. Since Quinto is just a few years younger than Nimoy was when the original pilot "The Cage" filmed, this casting choice further discredits rumors that the film will focus on Kirk and Spock's "Wonder Years" at Starfleet Academy. Instead, the film will be set in the time frame of the original television series.

The producers are having a tougher time casting a younger Captain Kirk, and J.J. Abrams, executive producer and director, asked for suggestions from the crowd.

Then, the Comic Con mob went nuts when Abrams revealed another casting choice: While the film focuses on the early adventures of Kirk and Spock (and includes the Starship Enterprise), Leonard Nimoy has agreed to wear the ears one last time. After walking onstage and standing next to his younger self, Nimoy commented, "It is logical... [It's] a fabulous script... this is really going to be a great movie, and I mean that."

Coming from Nimoy, this endorsement carries weight. After all, he refused a role in Star Trek: Generations because he disliked the script and how little time the original crew had together.
Abrams also stated, "When I read the script, I realized that I would be so damn jealous if anyone else directed this movie. It wasn't because I drank the kool-aid and watched Star Trek. It was because the script was great, the characters were amazing... It was alive. It was funny. It was scary. It was an adventure... We're just honored to be here and to do this work."

Also, Abrams admitted that they are still brainstorming a way to bring in William Shatner, which is difficult to do because Shat's Captain Kirk died in the seventh film. Reportedly, Shatner is now furious that the producers have yet to include him.

Filming will begin in November, and the release date is scheduled for Christmas 2008.

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